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We're a global movement of communities connecting makers, designers, developers and engineers with people with disabilities (aka - 'Need-Knowers') to develop technological solutions for everyday challenges. Designs are free and available for any user to adapt for their needs!

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TEam Grabber

Born without arms, Kim struggles to grab objects outside of her reach. This simple and elegant mouth-controlled mechanical grabber extends her mobility and independence.

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Team iPad GRID

Children with Angelman syndrome using iPad based AAC devices may have difficulty accurately pressing icons on their iPads. Makers designed this simple laser cut grid to help users press successfully.

Supported by Ovid Therapeutics

Team WheelChair

Uyen (age 4) was born with CP. Living in rural Vietnam, her family does not have access to a wheelchair. Makers designed an $88 wheelchair that can expand as she grows.

Supported by UNICEF

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How we do it


“TOM has the perfect combination of science, engineering, design and social engineering coupled with the accessibility harnessed by the maker community. When all of these are mixed together, we end up with a powerful tool to drive inclusive innovation.”

-  Richard Lushai, TOM:Calgary Organizer


Forbes called TOM a Technology Company To Watch In 2018

In December 2017 Forbes posted an article about ambitious young companies. As the only non-profit project in this list TOM was honored being named “one of the most impressive startups in the makeathon arena" that "brings together developers, designers, engineers and makers in order to solve everyday problems for people with disabilities".

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“Get people like myself, the Need Knowers and sit down with professionals, put our ideas together, and make things that will actually help people. Not just with the intent of helping people, but really helping people.”

— Kim Lathrop, Bay Area Makeathon Need Knower