The power of TOM


With 1.1 Billion people living with disabilities around the world, there are an astronomical number of neglected challenges hindering independence and inclusion. Unfortunately, the market is failing and valuable solutions are never developed or do not reach users at affordable prices.

Local TOM Communities organize Makeathons and Developer Groups, bringing together Makers, engineers, designers, innovators, problem solvers and Need-Knowers (people with a deep understanding of specific disability challenge) to develop solutions for everyday challenges.

Community members then document the solutions on the Open Makers Market, making the designs available and free for users around the globe. 




72-hour marathons of making, organized by local TOM Communities where Makers and Need-Knowers work together to develop affordable solutions to specific challenges, resulting in working prototypes.

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Developer Groups

Following a Makeathon, local organizers launch Developer Groups, where Makers volunteer their time and resources to develop affordable assistive technology on an ongoing basis. Groups meet regularly at local makerspaces, continuing to turn prototypes into products.


Open Makers Market

Online marketplace for sharing technological solutions where users can download and adapt free designs for their individual needs, keeping accessibility high and costs low.

We are building a powerful platform to easily connect Makers and Need-Knowers with each other - making it simple for users to find and adapt solutions for their needs. Search past designs at or contact us for help finding what you are looking for.


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