Innovators in Training (Internship Program, minimum 3 month commitment)

  1. Communications Internship: Work with TOM's inspiration department, create, edit, curate and communicate messages and texts. Work on material such as the book of TOM, the organization's website, its video presence and and the many ways in which TOM approaches the public.
    Skills: English or Spanish first language, great communication skills, knowledge and interest in one of: Writing and editing, video editing, social media strategy
  2. Engineering Internship: Work with TOM's CTO. Curate, edit and support the development of open source projects in assistive technology. 
    Skills: Mechanical, Electronics or other technical background (students and good hobbyists OK). Interest and experience in Open Source projects preferred. 
  3. Connectors Internship: Work with TOM:Developer Groups and TOMGlobal communities and facilitate the growth and well-being of the TOM community worldwide. 
    Skills: Good with people, great with details. Able to make people work and make things happen. TOM Teams are developing assistive technology or organizing locally operated TOM events. Connectors are the ones making this possible. 

Send your resume and cover letter to