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TOM:Philips 2016

Beachair: Lev is a physicist at Philips and a dad to three great kids! His eldest daughter, Nitzan is 15 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. Living on the coast in Israel, he brings his children to the beach but he has to leave Nitzan at home because her wheelchair sinks on sand. There are special beach chairs on the market but the $3-4000 the solution is too expensive (and he doesn’t have room in his car for both chairs at one time). “I know going to the beach is a luxury - but is it really a luxury to want to spend time together as a family?” Lev worked together with his colleagues at Philips to create balloon wheel add ons that can easily clip onto Nitzan’s chair. This simple solution costs 400NIS and can be easily adapted for other transit wheelchairs.

Control: Moshe is 48 years old and has severe Cerebral Palsy. He lives at home with his family and spends the day at a local daycare center where he receives physical, speech, occupational therapy as well as social activities. Moshe is fed through a feeding tube, cannot speak or walk. His favorite activity is playing with pens and TV remotes, he enjoys the clicking sound. Every few hours, Moshe needs to lay down and shifted to prevent pressure sores - during this time he usually makes a noise, a caregiver comes over and brings him pens… and every 15 minutes or so he makes a noise again and the caregiver helps him switch the pens for other pens - while he can’t speak he articulates his preference for what is handed to him. The care center presented a challenge - how can we give Moshe the independence to choose the pens he wants? The team at Philips designed a wheel with containers for the caregivers to fill with pens when it is time for Moshe to lay down -- with a button to turn the wheel when he is ready. While this challenge and solution is unique - the solution provides Moshe the ability to enjoy and give him some independence to do what he loves.

Koli: Liat is 34 years old and is developmentally disabled. While she can understand what people are saying, she cannot speak and cannot read, she uses a walker and requires around the clock help. The home she lives in only has two communication boards, so she ends up gesturing to communicate. The team of Makers met with Liat and asked her what she wanted to communicate - they were surprised by the things that were important to her: painting nails, colors, talking on the phone with her mother or sister, bathroom, temperature, entertainment, taking photos, playing games, painting, dancing, and listening to music. They sat together with her with a collection of emojis and had her choose the ones she liked and connected with. In 3 days, the makers created an android app to help Liat communicate her wants and needs.

Stand Alone: Roee a Philips employee is a volunteer at Etgarim, an organization working with adaptive sports in Israel. When he heard about TOM, he reached out to the CEO and asked, “What is your biggest challenges?” With biking being a popular sport, the organization arranges for tandem biking … but “people keep falling off the tandem bikes” and the organization was thinking about discontinuing the sport. Adi is 27 years old and has Cerebral Palsy, she joined the team at TOM:Philips as the Need Knower for the challenge. She had been biking for almost 10 years - while she has a great riding partner now, she has fallen on multiple occasions (usually around stopping and starting) and so have her friends. The solution involves training wheels that rise when the bike is going above 4KM/hour and lower when the bike drops below 4KM/hour - providing the stability the front rider needs to safely start and stop the bike without tipping over.

Go for itYonatan is almost 2 years old and has Cerebral Palsy - he has poor muscle tone in his legs. His parents and therapists noticed that the off-the-shelf walker was limited in terms of providing the support he needed in terms of pelvic support, wheel control, and support for his arms. The team adapted two walkers for him (one for daycare and one for home) to address each of these three needs.

Happy Pen: Bar is 6 years old and is allergic to nuts. Pretty much when the temperature rises above 15-30 degrees celcius, his Epipen needs to be replaced. This is especially challenging in warmer climates like Israel. Bar’s mother works at Philips and presented the challenge hoping to develop a solution. The team at TOM:Philips designed a canister with a cooling gel that holds the epipen and activates at 27 degrees, starts to beep at 29 degrees, and turns on a red light when temperatures reach 30 degrees (telling the user to replace).

Original Vision: Oron is 30 years old and has severe Cerebral Palsy, he cannot talk and does not have a communication device. He is interested in drawing but when he draws, his body turns and he doesn't see what he is drawing. The team developed a typepad where he draws and sees what he is doing on a screen on the side.

DJ Afik: Afik is 31 years old and has ALS, he can only move his hands a little - and each hand goes in opposite directions. He wants to play music, rather to DJ music (!) so the team at TOM:Philips developed an app involving two tablets, one with play/stop/pause and the other with next/previous/navigate to the next song.

Moti: Moti is a personal motivator! The team met with the local Occupational Training Center, a center that trains people with skills to enter the workforce. The organization creates simulations about real world tasks. The challenge is that in sessions of 15-20 people, the participants have a hard time staying focused. If the task is moving items from one bin to another bin (like in a factory) with a scale monitoring weight change, the system alerts and says, “Hi, I’m still here, are you?” or “Great! Keep it up, keep going!”

Call for help: Uri’s brother in law Roi has ALS. For the past 3.5 years, he has been bedridden. Prior to his diagnosis he was a theatre director - today he continues to write scripts (one of his plays is expected to hit the stage in the Spring 2017). Over the years Uri has developed different DIY solutions for his brother in law, but as the disease progresses, the needs increase. At times, he wants to call people from other rooms in the house, so the team designed 4 buttons (they beta tested with 1 button between the preTOM and TOM to make sure this solution would work).

Fly Off: Avi is 30 years old and is quadriplegic, he is able to use his hands a little. He spends the day outside and was looking for a way to keep the flies away. The team designed a system of fans that he can use easily without obscuring his view.


Hear, Listen (Shabbat): The Need-Knower in this challenges is Sabbath observant and wears hearing aids. When she removes the hearing aids at night, the emit a high pitched squeal - while she can’t hear it, her entire family does. Because of her religious practices, she will not turn off the device - to the team designed a soundproof box to hold her hearing aids at night.

Eurika: Uri is 19 years old and has Cerebral Palsy, he volunteers with the elderly and records their personal stories. With challenges around his fine motor skills, he finds it challenging to hold a mouse. The team designed a special vest that connects with his computer so he can control the mouse on his chest.

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