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TOM:Buenos Aires 2016

TOM: Buenos Aires - 23, 24 y 25 de Septiembre de 2016


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Team TenazAyuda

María Belén Ruiz is from Mar del Plata, is 29 years old, and works at PAMI escucha. She is a Paralympic athlete and is a member of Argentina’s Boccia Team. She suffers from severe Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita that has affected her four limbs since she was born. She has learnt to write, paint and use the computer using an adaptor on her wheelchair. The challenge is that people with AMC cannot do everyday tasks with hands: take pictures, comb their hair, hold a cup etc and become more autonomous.

The TenazaAyuda is a robotic arm design to be added to a wheelchair and to be controlled using a controls. It is meant for people with almost no mobility, it helps fulfil personal and work needs. With this prototype we hope that people with reduced mobility can do everyday tasks with more autonomy and to satisfy their basic need in an independent way. This autonomy will have a big impact in their lives. The prototype also aims to find a low cost solution so that everyone can have access to it.

María Belen es deportista paralímpica y forma parte de la Selección Argentina de Boccia. Ella padece de artrogrifosis multiple que afecta a los cuatro miembros desde su nacimiento. Gracias a una terapia ocupacional, desde temprana edad aprendido a escribir, pintar y manejar la computadora con una adaptación a su silla de ruedas. Sin embargo, su desafío consiste en todo aquello que no está a su alcance: llamar el ascensor, sacarse fotos, agarrar el mate, etc.

Team Members:

  • Anabella Di Stefano (Industrial Design)

  • Daniel Fernández (Computing Engineer)

  • Diego Durante (Electronical Engineer)

  • Luca Fondello (Industrial Design)

  • Maitena Guedes (Industrial Design)

  • María Belén Ruiz (Need Knower)

  • Martín Oppenheim (Business Administration)

  • Melina Ausqui (Psychology)

  • Natalia González Trajtman (Nutrition and Food Sciences)

  • Santiago Marchetti (Mechanical Engineer)

Team Brazos mágicos

Linda lives in Jujuy, she is 6 years old. She suffers from Polymicrogyria, a neurological disorder that affects her motor skills. Linda needs to receive constant stimulation in her limbs to gain strength. The orthotics developed at TOM:Buenos Aires consists of a passive exoskeleton that balances part of the weight of Linda’s arms using a series of resistant elastic bands that can be added or removed as needed. The rehabilitation device contributes to the muscular development by reducing the effort but not completely nullifying it. The system consists of an external corset that adjusts to the body and fastens the arms, and a series of sticks and joints that form the exoskeleton armas, to which the resistant bands are fit.

Linda tiene 6 años es una divina. Padece de una enfermedad que produce trastornos asociados a todo lo motriz. Dado que sus capacidades cognitiva no están comprometidas, Judith, su mamá, nos explica el desafío: “Ella necesita poder desenvolverse plenamente. Necesita recibir estimulación frecuente en las extremidades para ganar fuerza”.

Team Members:

  • Andrés Menna (Developer)

  • Ariel Nahmod (Educational Sciences)

  • Gisella Kraisman (Sculptor)

  • Ionatan Hauzpigiel (Music Professor)

  • Ivan Granieri (Electrical Technician)

  • Javier Skorupski (Industrial Design)

  • Judith Suliban y Linda Núñez (Need Knowers)

  • Natalia Petit (Interaction Design)

  • Patricio Herrán (Industrial Design Student)


Mariano Santoro is 25 years old and is from Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires. Seven years ago Mariano had an accident that left him quadriplegic. The challenge is that as a result of lack of mobility he cannot do things on his own like self feeding, writing with a pen, or getting dressed. Together with a team of Makers at TOM:Buenos Aires, they designed an accessory that allows mario to hold a fork, spoon, pen and cut using with a knife with universal holders.

Mariano es de Don Torcuato, provincia de Buenos Aires, y sufre de cuadriplegia. Esto le impide tomar objetos cotidianos como cubiertos, vasos, tijeras, biromes y cosas tan cotidianas como el abrochado de botones.

Team Members:

  • Daiana Alegre  (Graphic Design / UX)

  • Jimena Califa (Industrial Design)

  • Luis Acevedo (Marketing)

  • Magali Finkelstein (Industrial Design)

  • Mariano Santoro (Need Knower - Physical Education Student)

  • Nicolás Rosenvasser (Mechanical Engineer)

  • Nicole Nagelkop (Occupational Therapist)

  • Sofia Romero (Mechatronics)

  • Tomás Ottolenghi (Industrial Design Student)

  • Yanina Diament (Philosophy Student)

Team aprISA

Isabel is a beautiful 3 years old girl living with Spastic Dystonic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Lucila, her mother, told us: “Isabel has a weak muscle tone in her trunk, that limits her capacity to sit, stand and balance. Isabel has intact cognitive development and it is according to her age, that makes her want to play and do activities as any other kid her age”.

Isabel has a challenging time walking using a walker. The team at TOM:Buenos Aires developed an accessory for her walker, giving Isabel independence in walking while interacting with her surroundings. It provides the support needed to facilitate daily activities and allow a maximum adaptation to the size and weight of the user.

Isabel tiene 3 años y es hermosa. Desde su nacimiento, Isa sufre de parálisis cerebral y cuadriparesia distónica, producto de una falta de oxígeno. Lucila, su mamá, nos contó: “Isa tiene un tono muscular muy débil en su tronco, lo que limita su capacidad para sentarse, pararse y hacer equilibrio. Isa tiene un nivel cognitivo intacto y acorde a su edad, lo que la hace querer jugar y realizar actividades como cualquier chico de su edad."

Team Members:

  • Claudio Guerchicoff (Psychology)

  • Constanza Reca (Industrial Design Student)

  • Fernando Angel (Industrial Design Student)

  • Florencia Soto (Industrial Design)

  • Gisela Ceccotti (Kinesiology)

  • Gladys Carina Torres (Kinesiology and Surgical Instrument Assistant)

  • Ianina Madanes (Psychology)

  • Juan Pablo Roma (Mechanical Engineer)

  • Lucila Antognini, Pablo Harriague e Isabel (Need Knowers)

  • Melanie Blejter (Engineer in Information Systems Student)

  • Micaela Tarlovsky  (Industrial Design Student)

  • Santiago Tiphaine (Industrial Engineer)

Team Anti-pressure sore cushion

Juan Barone is 28 years old and is an Interior Designer. He suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness, the disorder affects 1 in every 3500 males. He currently works at the  Ministry of Sports of San Miguel. On his free time he plays in Argentina’s Powerchair Football team. “I believe that having a disability is not an obstacle to achieving your goals as long as you try to reach them with determination”.

The challenge is that Juan sits in his wheelchair 10 hours a day and without proper circulation and develop pressure sores. The team developed a cushion that has many layers on its inside that absorb the heat from the supporting surfaces and by doing that help people from getting pressure sores and other related problems.

Team Members:

  • Agostina Corrente (Multimedia Design)

  • Axel Mazzeo (Industrial Design Student)

  • Emiliano Rocco (Industrial Design)

  • Hugo Jaca (Computer Sciences)

  • Ileana Robredo (Industrial Design)

  • Juan Barone (Need Knower - Interior Design)

  • Liat Kejsefman (Interior Design)

  • Natalia Romero (apparel design)

  • Patricia Muñoz (Industrial Design)

Team IP4U

Valentino is 11 years old and lives in Pacheco, Buenos Aires with his parents and brother. Valen is very sociable, he plays chess and is part of Powerchair Football Argentina. He suffers from Spinal muscular atrophy type 2 (SMA II), an inherited condition that affects the muscles. Because of his condition, Valen cannot walk or go to the bathroom independently, so there must be an adult with him at all times. Valen came to TOM looking for a way so he can pee independently. The team developed a silicone cup that siphons the urine to a container located on the side of the wheelchair, that can be emptied, sterilized, and reused.

Team Members:

  • Andrés Spangenthal (Psychology Student)

  • Daniela Carvajal (Industrial Design Student)

  • Emanuel Morano Solé  (Industrial Design Student)

  • Ezequiel Macri  (Industrial Design Student)

  • Lorena Lardizabal y Valentino (Need Knowers)

  • Martin Rojtenberg (Industrial Design)

  • Nicolas E. Juarez (Industrial Engineer Student)

  • Sebastián Carrazzoni (Electronic Engineer Student)

  • Vanessa Zuin (Industrial Design)


Daniela Onorato studied Communication Sciences at UBA and she is a businesswoman. She’s been suffering from Bilateral Macular Lesions for the last 15 years, it is an illness that affects the sight and does not allow her to cross the street on her own. The area where she lives, Villa Libertad, a province of Buenos Aires, has few lights and that makes it even harder to cross the street on her own. “I want to feel confident and independent” Daniela expressed.

The team developed a device that contains a camera that films and processes the images live in order to detect movements and that through an app with a voice alert indicates the user when something is coming so that the user does not cross the street or does the opposite when there’s no movement.

Team Members:

  • Ary Altman (Architecture)

  • Brenda Hapoñuik (Textile Design)

  • Daniela Onorato (Need Knower - Communication Sciences)

  • Diego Bosin (Systems)

  • Guido Paez (Modelling and 3D Printing)

  • Ivan Fardjoume (Electronic)

  • Javier Velasquez Traut (Electronic)

  • Julieta Straminsky (Business Administration)

  • Maia Romano (Economy)

  • Mariana Arando (Industrial Design)

  • Tomás Mazur (Electronic)

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