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TOM:IAI Developer Groups

Led by Dana Fellner and Franck Marciano, IAI Engineers developed 12 solutions for people with disabilities in their community. The 6 month process came to an end with 12 new solutions developed. The unique collaboration, has led to the first development cycle of IAI - Developer Groups. 

Developer Groups, are meetings where Makers and Need Knowers meet on a weekly basis, and work together to create solutions for neglected problems in order to enhance the quality of living for anyone that is need.

The challenges that have been solved through the TOM:IAI collaboration are:

Small Swimmer - Yonatan, 8 years old, lost his left eye and wears a glass eye. When going swimming he isn't able to use goggles due to the suction they create while wearing them. The team has created one of a kind goggles - using a plug that is placed on the right lens, that he screws to suction and unscrews to release the suction.

Adaptive Hanukkah Menorah - People with low motor skills have trouble lighting a Menorah on the Jewish holiday of Hannukah. The team created a unique lighter - that uses a motor to switch on, and releases the lighter after a few second in order for it not be hazardous.

Kitesurfing -  Alon, was injured a few years back and is parapalegic. Before his injury, Alon was an avid Kitesurfing - an activity that he found impossible to practice after his injury. Together with the team at IAI, they created a customized surfing chair that is placed on of the surfboard and is able to maneuver together with Alon while he is surfing. Alon has successfully surfed with the solution and the team is now working on version 2 of the design.

Inclusive Large Trash Cans - Children at the Alyn Hospital shared their challenge using the large public flip lid trash cans while using their walking canes. The team solved this challenge by adding a small lever on their canes that they can both use to stabilize and use the cane to open the lid.

Hear Again - Children and adults that undergo Cochlear Implant surgery to regain the ability to listen again in order to learn to speak. For this, the team had developed a one of a kind app - in Hebrew, using auditory and visual aids to help users become familiar with the Hebrew language easily. 

Walk It - Stel uses a walker 80% of the time, however she wants to be able to use her crutches more often. It is too complicated to bring both aids with her everywhere she goes. The team developed a walker that can transition into crutches - this 2-in-1 solution will help Stel become more independent in her everyday life. This solution is still in development to make it lighter weight and easier to manage.

Nerya Box - Nerya, is 9 years old. He has a hard time breathing and uses a breathing machine. The machine, is very bulky, heavy and needs to be carried around using a special box. Every box bought, was never strong enough to last more than a month and would always break! Together with the team - they have built a custom made box for Nerya which is sturdy enough and fits his needs perfectly.

Tray2Go - Individuals using walkers, find it difficult to participate in cafeteria lunch because they are unable to carry their tray independently. The team designed a tray that fits perfectly on the handles of the walker and can be adapted easily for other users.

WheelChair Lift - When Stel drives with family or friends, in her private car - she is lucky to have her own robotic arms that lifts up her wheelchair from the ground to her car’s trunk. But, when taking a cab or riding a car which is not hers, she finds it difficult to ask people to lift the chair on to their car. For this, the team had created a simple solution that would do exactly that! By hooking a spool of rope to the center of the wheel and anchoring to the back seat, the user can turn the wheel and lift the wheelchair up into the car.

Wheelchair to Toilet- Transferring children from their wheelchairs to the toilets might be a difficult task for parents or caregivers - especially if this needs to be done outside of the home. The team created a portable lever slides under the user and lifts them - assisting parents or caregivers. 

Wall Climber - Mor, 26 years old, lost all fingers from frostbite in an avalanche in Nepal 3 years ago. After recovering, he decided to relearn how to rock climb. Securing the rope was extremely challenging - specifically the task of holding the rope while securing the rope. The team designed a "yo-yo" type device that holds the rope while he clips the carabiners.

Achilles Tendon -  Individuals that have lost movement in their legs, still need to find a way to stretch their tendons regularly otherwise they can experience tremendous pain. in order to release pain. The team created a special product that holds the leg and mechanically stretches it for the user by moving the leg back and forth - helping them stretch as much needed.

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