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TOM:Holon 2017

The 48 hour event took place at the Fablabil in Holon between March 29th-31st.

Yakir has weak fine motor skills, he wanted to be able to turn on a tablet and use apps without touching the entire screen. The group created a stand for the tablet that attaches to his chair, and a glove with a stylus on the end that allows his finger to press icons easily. 

Kenya is 15 years old and operates his wheelchair using a joystick with his right foot. The group developed a mouse so he can operate a computer with his leg too.

Evyatar is 20 years old and has muscular dystrophy, he wanted to operate a camera on a smartphone and photograph from different angles. The group has created a device that enables him to adjust and change camera angles.

It is challenging for people to understand Chaya's words. The team created an app that recognizes her face when she speaks and reads her words. Currently the team is working on "yes" and "no" identifiers.

Daniel and Nikita want to play ball but they are different heights and cannot throw the ball. The team created a track in which the rolling ball makes a sound while rolling.

At school the chairs are all the same height, but some of the students cannot reach the floor while sitting, making it difficult for them get off their chair. The team created an adjustable foot stand at different heights according to the students' requirements.

Students with cerebral palsy at school want to play different musical instruments independently but some have a challenging time moving their hands. The group created two musical instruments: An electronic keyboard that makes every keystroke produce music on an app and a flute that is connected to a long pipe that makes it easy to blow.

Shahar is 16 years old and has both cognitive and motor difficulties. She cannot see her hand when she uses a tablet. The group connected two tablets, one near her hand where she can press icons, and the other facing her where she can see what she is pressing.

Students with autism and sensory sensitivities enjoy hugging devices that squeeze the body. The cost of products on the market is about 20,000 NIS. The team designed a similar and inexpensive solution that students can use unassisted.

Aaron is 10 year old and drools, at school he can't use paper or computers because they may get ruined. The team designed a chin cup with a pump that allows the drool to drain off so he can be active in his lessons. 

Children with ADHD have difficulty being part of the lesson. The group produces mechanical games from various materials that kids can play with to stay focused.

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