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TOM:Bulgaria 2017

Radoslav Enev

Rado is a student in 1th grade of Elementary school. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, but he is e extremely vital and active. He uses two wheelchairs. One for sitting and the other he uses when he standing up. Rado’s challenge is to create one wheelchair for both poses, which grows with his growing. He also wants to be able to lift himself up and down from this wheelchair without any help.

Milena Velkovska

Milena use one particular route every day to go to her working place. When the weather is bad she takes taxi or she stays at home. Milena chooses only sloping sidewalks, she prefer not to use stairs or high curbs because she has a problem rising her leg. She cannot keep the balance of her body and she is scared of falling down. She doesn’t use any assistive utilities because the physiotherapists didn’t recommend them. They think this will deepen the problems. Milena’s challenge is technical facility as a simulator which can help her overcome her fear. This simulator can imitate different routes using VR technology and can represent different real situations.

Silvia Datsin

Silvia is blind and for her is difficult to recognize the nominal value of different banknotes. The special sign for blind people is very difficult to be felt on Bulgarian money. When a banknote is used for a long time and has gone through the hands of thousands of people it is impossible to recognize this sign. It is more impossible for people who have not finished special school and who don’t know Braille. Her challenge is to find a solution so she can be able to recognize the banknotes and the currency.

Vania Pandieva

Vania is weak. Her hands are not very strong. She uses accumulator wheelchair. Because she usually is sitting almost whole day she has discomfort and pain in the pelvic area. Vania’s challenge is to find a solution for more comfortable sitting with different softness and hardness and a possibility to change them when she needs.

Milena Ivanova

Milena has difficulties in lower and upper limbs. She has muscular atrophy in her wrist. As a result they are curved inwards to the hand. She has problems with her fingers too. That is the reason why Milena can act limited number of actions. Her challenge is to find such a kind of solution which can help her grab more different objects. But most of all she wish she could use walking facility like walking stick which can help her move from one place to another.

Tanya Dimitrova
Tanya Dimitrova is a child of deaf parents and now she works as a hearing rehabilitator. There are a lot of communicative borders between deaf parents and their children. Her challenge is to find technical solution which recognizes the voice of the child and indicates to the mother when she cannot see the child who needs her at the moment. With this solution the deaf mothers will be able to do her work in another room or in other situations when the child is not in front of her.

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