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TOM:Kazakhstan 2017


Organizers: Saniya Arapova

Valentina was only 25 years old when she suffered a stroke and lost her ability to walk independently. Valentina had a dream, to walk again. The team of students at TOM:Kazakhstan designed a full-body rehabilitative exoskeleton using orthotics available on the market. On the second day of the Makeathon, Valentina walked unassisted for the first time in 15 years. She promises to continue to use the exoskeleton and hopes with time, she will be able to regain her independence.

Alina and Irina both have CP. Living on their own for the first time is exciting, but they find some household activities somewhat challenging. The team designed a mop which is anchored with a cane so they have extra support to clean without falling or slipping. 

Azat is studying applied mathematics and hopes to one day become a computer programmer. Born with CP, Azat finds it difficult to type (or code) comfortably on the computer. The team designed a rolling shelf to rest his hands so he can use the keyboard easier. The team also prototyped a voice controlled “Robot Manipulator” that will be able to help Azat do things around the house. 

Bilayof came to TOM:Kazakhstan wearing an antiquated prosthetic shoe which caused tremendous pain and discomfort to his residual limb. The team from the Engineering and Economic University in Southern Kazakhstan looked at solutions available in the United States and designed a socket that holds the base of his foot and redesigned the shoe with more flexible-lightweight material. After trying on the new shoes, Bilayof walked for the first time pain-free and without a cane.

At 68 years old, Galina came to TOM:Kazakhstan to find a way to make her heavy below-knee prosthesis more comfortable in the summer. In addition to the weight, Galina was fitted with a full leg sock and waist belt which was very warm with the rising temperatures. The team used a combination of aluminum and fiberglass to build a new prosthesis, the team then creatively created a more flexible foot by repurposing a bike seat, and completed the design by attaching an orthotic knee brace to hold the prosthesis more comfortably. The team hopes to continue development of the solution to achieve a better fit for Galina.

At the closing gala, Igor wow’ed audiences with an graceful and passionate wheelchair Tango with his dance partner and friend Irina. Born with CP, Igor finds daily living to be challenging, many of his movements are abrupt and it difficult to do everything he wants to do by himself. The team designed a machine to help Igor eat easier and more independently.

Tatyana uses a wheelchair and needs to rely on her husband to reach things from high shelves. The team designed a wardrobe that rotates with the touch of a button, allowing Tatyana to access everything she needs.

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