Volunteer to help people in your community.

Here's how it works!

  1. Developer groups are teams of Makers working together with people with disabilities designing, developing and delivering solutions for everyday challenges. 
  2. With hard work and dedication, you and the Developer Group will successful create a product for someone in need.
  3. Everything the TOM community develops is Open Source and the designs are available to anyone in the world to adapt for their needs!
  4. Sound interesting? Let's get started. 
  5. We have a few questions for you - do you know someone in your community that you would like to develop a solution for? Would you like help finding someone in your community that has a challenge?
  6. We recommend joining a local meetup (this is new and there may not already be one in your area) and/or joining the Innovation Challenge to win prizes for the incredible work you are about to do!