"There is no better way to experience the impact and true power of making then by attending a TOM event." - Colby Dennison, VP of Marketing MAKERBOT

Stand in the epicenter of innovation, social impact, and technological advancement. Inspire engineers, designers, and developers to use their skills to improve the life of a fellow human being. Provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to share their challenges and develop affordable rehabilitative technology.

TOM Makeathons

Armed with a challenge, a makerspace, and 72 hours to find a solution, Makers and Need Knowers hit the ground running. TOM Makeathons are popping up around the world with a singular vision - to bring all the players together to create accessible and affordable solutions for everyday challenges.

PAST Makeathons

Let’s get started

TOM events are grassroots initiatives organized by communities, cities, nonprofits, or corporations. The TOM staff provides you Makeathon in a box as the toolbox to support local organizers to design the Makeathon, identify partners, collect challenges, recruit makers, and facilitate a successful event.

Systems available for your use

  1. Licensing agreement
  2. Makeathon Management System (MMS), an online platform built to help you manage the logistics and participants of the Makethon!
  3. Video tutorials (shown above!)
  4. Book of TOM, a complete guidebook to help you facilitate all the details involved with organizing a successful Makeathon,
  5. Contact person (POC), a go-to person available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have.
  6. Connections to local partners and other TOM Community Organizers.
Hey, we’re here to help you plan a TOM in your hometown. Fill in your contact information below and we’ll get started!
— TOM Team