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TOM:Tikkun Olam Makers (tomglobal.org) is a global movement bridging the gap between people with disabilities and the Maker community, developing technological solutions for everyday challenges, affecting global opportunity for innovation and development.

TOM is a project of the Reut Group, an Israel-based, non-profit strategic group creating and scaling models to ensure prosperity and resilience for Israel and the Jewish People, and to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing them, while making a significant and distinct contribution to humanity.

“I want the global maker community to be more like TOM”
— Dale Dougherty, founder of MAKE
“Both the social mission and the unique format of TOM make it a great experience for all involved. The additional constraints in the format drives tremendous focus to the maker teams and of course the solutions that serve the one customer”
— Tom Chi, former Head of Experience - Google X
“TOM has the perfect combination of science, engineering, design and social engineering coupled with the accessibility harnessed by the maker community. When all of these are mixed together, we end up with a powerful tool to drive inclusive innovation.”
— Richard Lushai, TOM:Calgary Organizer
“I have been to other hackathons, but TOM is not the same. TOM is not just about being a cool geek, it’s about developing something for and with people with a real need. It gives you the feeling you got way more than you gave.”
— Sapir Caduri, Engineer at Google
“Getting people like myself, the Need Knowers and sitting down with professionals, putting our ideas together, and making things that will actually help people. Not just with the intent of helping people, but really helping people.”
— Kim Lathrop, Bay Area Makeathon Need Knower

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