TOM Workshop

TOM is a global community connecting people with disabilities (“Need-Knowers”) with Makers, designers and engineers to create solutions for everyday challenges.

Visiting Israel? Planning a convention? Organizing a staff day? Want to make a difference?

Choose from one of our three exciting workshops:
Workshop 1: One-hour interactive lecture
Workshop 2: Three-hour hands-on workshop
Workshop 3: Full-day experiential seminar 

We’ve organized workshops around the world for students, teenagers, and professionals of varying ages and backgrounds. We believe in creating a unique experience for you and will set up a 15-minute planning phone call to discuss your expectations for the workshop and any special interests or skills you may have.

What to expect at TOM:

  1. Discover a global movement of Makers making a difference
  2. Learn about open innovation
  3. Experience design thinking tools and methodology
  4. Create solutions for challenges facing people with disabilities
  5. Join the TOM community

Workshop menu (price per 20 participants):

  1. One-hour interactive lecture with one of the TOM team members - $500
  2. One-hour interactive lecture with TOM team member & meet with a Need-Knower and a Maker from the TOM community - $700
  3. Three-hour hands-on workshop (includes materials) - $800
  4. Three-hour hands-on workshop at a makerspace (includes fabrication tools) - $1400
  5. Full-day experiential seminar to identify everyday challenges and make rapid prototype solutions (includes makerspace, materials and instructor) - $6700


If you are looking to bring a TOM staff member or community leader to your community (anywhere in the world), payment includes a $800 honorarium and travel & accommodations.

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10 HaPelech Street
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel